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From the Orendain Family, distilling blue agave tequila since 1840, comes the most enticing tequila you've ever known.
In Mexico, the “Bribón” was a wildly charismatic and courageous man about town. He traveled across Mexico living life to the fullest and lifting the spirits of every man and woman who was fortunate to share some time and tequila with him.
Today, Tequila Bribón pays homage to the spirit of the Bribón. A person who sets his or her own rules; someone who never accepts negativity, and always embraces life.
This 100% blue agave tequila captures this essence. You can not drink Bribón tequila without being drawn to its very nature.

a unique tequila
Bribón is the proud result of a two year quest to produce a high quality tequila that would be embraced by newbies and aficionados. It’s an exciting new concept in tequila created by Palm Bay in partnership with Casa Don Roberto, whose family has been making tequila since 1840.
Where legends were created and tequila was born
Remaining faithful to heritage and embracing tradition, we have combined the experience of three generations with both old-world and contemporary cutting edge techniques to develop a tequila that is bold and flavorful and at the same time sophisticated and approachable.
Unique aroma and flavor
  • Capacity FangYOU1314 PU Shoulder Red Leisure Bag Color Rivet Large Messenger Red Portable Crystalline in appearance.
  • Aromas of citrus and lime.
  • Taste is all tequila. Rich in agave, savory, slight minerality jalapeno and white pepper, with a hint of sweetness and subtle citrus notes.
  • Finish lingers and cools.

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Leisure Bag Red FangYOU1314 Portable PU Color Red Messenger Shoulder Capacity Large Rivet TnOnqd
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